Comte Henry d'Assay

History of Sauvignon Blanc

Starts in Lerné, in Touraine. It was first names as Fiers in the famous roman Gargantua by François Rabelais.
It geographical birthplace is also to look around Sancerre and in south-west France, in the appelation of Côtes de Gascogne, between Languedoc and Bordeaux, where it has been found since 1736.

Sauvignon Blanc is a fragile type of grapes

 It is very exposed to climate variations. It is this natural delicacy, between the sun, the soils and needed freshness that makes is an incredibly precious grape.

Les Meilleurs Sauvignons

The best sauvignon blancs are to be found around the Loire river, where centuries of hard work have permitted identifying terroirs with the greatest qualities.